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UPPER CUMBERLAND Labradors buyers guide

Step one

THOROUGHLY review the website

When it comes to questions about our breeding practices, policies, purchase price, availability, and more, you can find most of the information you need by reviewing all sections of our website. We’ve made sure to provide detailed answers to address common inquiries. The FAQ section, conveniently located under the “About Us” page, is specifically designed to provide even more clarity. It’s a great resource to find answers to frequently asked questions. However, if you come across any unanswered questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help and happy to provide any additional information you may need.

Step two


We ask all potential buyers to submit an application found under the “application” tab on the menu. This application is important because it helps us ensure that we’re finding the perfect furever home for our puppies. It’s essential that applicants are ready to move forward in the process and are willing to place a $100 non-refundable waitlist placeholder deposit once approved. Please do not submit an application unless you are ready to be placed on a waitlist for one of our girls. Remember, the deposit is only required after the application is approved. As part of the application, we kindly request three character references and a vet reference. If you don’t have a vet yet, just provide the information of the vet you intend to use. We want to make sure our puppies are going to a loving and caring environment, so this step is crucial. If you do not provide information for this part of the application, your application will be discarded without further review.

Step three

The approval process

We have a thorough approval process in place to ensure that our puppies find the perfect homes. After contacting your vet and references, we’ll reach out to schedule a phone interview. This interview gives us the opportunity to get to know you better and ensure that you’re a great fit for our puppies. Once the interview is complete, you can expect an acceptance email if you’re approved to reserve a puppy. However, if your application isn’t approved, don’t worry! We’ll send you an email explaining our reasoning for declination and provide you with steps to assist you in finding a breeder that better meets your needs. We’re here to support you every step of the way, whether you are purchasing a puppy from us or another breeder. 

Step four

Placing your initial deposit

You can find the contract and health guarantee, as well as the deposit form, under the contract and health guarantee tab on the menu. They lay out our commitments to each other and the well-being of your future puppy. Once you’ve gone through the contract, you’ll need to fill out the deposit agreement provided by us. After that, you’re all set to place a $100 non-refundable deposit. This deposit secures your spot on our waitlist for the specific litter you choose. Just remember, you’re choosing a litter, not a specific puppy. Specific puppy picks will be made when they are seven weeks old. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to specify your gender and color preferences on the deposit form. Please note the initial deposit only places you on the waitlist to be contacted once puppies arrive. In order to reserve a puppy once they are born, you will be required to submit the remaining $400 of the puppy deposit. This will be explained further under the remaining deposit step below.

Step five

Remaining deposit payment

Once the puppies arrive, we’ll reach out to the waitlist in the order that initial deposits were received. At that time, you’ll have the option to either remain on the list by sending the remaining $400 of the total $500 deposit or choose to move to a future litter. If we’re unable to reach you at the time of birth, we’ll hold your spot for 48 hours. If we don’t hear from you within that timeframe, unfortunately, you’ll forfeit your spot for the litter and be moved down the list. If there are still available puppies when we hear back from you, you’ll be able to send the remaining $400 to claim an open spot. However, if all spots are filled, we’ll move you to a future litter. Please note that the $400 remaining deposit is refundable up until 7 weeks when temperament testing is completed. Any refund requests made after 7 weeks will be considered on a case-by-case basis. On the other hand, the initial $100 deposit is non-refundable as it covers our time to review your application and complete the interview process.

Step six

Completing the go home checklist

The next step in the process is to complete the Puppy Go Home Preparation Checklist. The checklist needs to be filled out and submitted to us for approval before you can pick up your puppy. It’s important to complete the checklist at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled pickup. The checklist includes necessary information to ensure that you’re fully prepared to welcome your new furry friend into your home. Once we review and approve the checklist, you’ll be all set to pick up your puppy and begin this exciting journey together! If you have any questions or need assistance with the checklist, feel free to reach out. We are here to help every step of the way.

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