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We would love to share some of our favorite products and discounts with you.

Red Fox Rags

custom Handmade bandanas

We are thrilled to support one of our very own puppy parents, who has started an incredible small business creating handmade pet bandanas. Each bandana is meticulously crafted with love and quality, inspired by her own beloved pets, Ruger and Costello. Every bandana is inspected and approved by Ruger and Costello, ensuring it meets the highest standards before it reaches your furry friend. Red Fox Rags bandanas come with the Ruger guarantee of quality and pet satisfaction. Looking for something special for a pet’s birthday or a wedding? Message Fox Red Rags for custom orders if you don’t see the perfect fabric listed! Megan was kind enough to provide a discount code for fellow UCLabs puppy parents. Use code UCLABS25 for a 25% discount.

Custom puppy blankets

treat you pup to their very own luxury blanket

Keep your pup cozy with these personalized Bark Blankets! Choose from 51 colors and 6 designs featuring your pups name, all guaranteed to make your pup look pawsitively amazing.  Let your pup snuggle up in style! Message UC LABS directly to order!

vital pet life

Salmon oil

The health of our dogs is our top priority. We researched multiple brands of salmon oil and fell in love with Vital Pet Life. Not only are their products non-GMO and toxin free, but the company is family owned. We love supporting small businesses. Especially businesses that genuinely care about the pets their products are made for. 

Salmon oil has many benefits. Some of those benefits include: supporting healthy skin and coats, natural allergy defense, joint and bone health, and a healthy immune system.

We love this salmon oil so much, we include an 8 oz bottle in every puppy care package. Click the link below for a 20% discount on all Vital Pet Life products. The code should automatically be applied, but in case it isn’t, the code is UCLABS20.


pet camera

If you’re anything like us and miss your dog when you’re away, Furbo dog camera is just what you need.

We have two Furbo cameras to be able to check in on our fur babies wherever they may be lounging. We love the peace of mind it gives us being able to see them at any time no matter where we are. Furbo not only allows you to check in on you pets in real-time, but it also alerts you to activity and saves the recordings for you to view later. Whether it be them moving around, barking, chewing etc. you can look back on the day at any time. Furbo also allows you to hear and talk to your dog through the camera and even throw them treats for being a good boy/girl.

 We have the original furbo, and love it. There is now an option for a 360° camera so you can see from all angles. It even auto tracks your dog! Click the link below to check out furbo for yourself. Use code FURBOFAM for $20 off. (Please note this discount code does not work when the site is running a sale)

Kong club

KONG Club is a members-only club where you have access to one-on-one vet-led guidance for every stage of your dog’s life. Included is a monthly box of new KONG brand toys that your dog will love. 

KONG toys are designed to be stuffed with food & treats for added fun! Each box contains different KONG treats, recipes, & tips centered around wellness topics. Each box also includes a mystery bonus item that is handpicked by their team of vets. 

KONG’S Vets and Care Coaches work with you to build customized plans specifically for you and your dog’s individual needs throughout every stage of your journey together. KONG Club helps guide you through puppy parenthood with vet-led programs designed to maintain healthy, happy puppers. 

KONG Club is the first personalized, vet guided experience with 24/7 support to lower the risk of chronic illnesses, improve well-being, and reduce stress for you and you dog. 

It’s no secret KONG has always had great products. Especially their durable toys. We loved that they added customized plans for each dog’s needs, and 24/7 support. We love KONG so much that we chose to partner with them in order to share that love with you. Clink the KONG CLUB link below to learn more about all that KONG Club has to offer. 

byte tags

smart ID tag

We all want the best protection possible when it comes to our furbabies. Byte tags offer that little extra peace of mind in case the unthinkable happens and one of our four-legged friends decide to wander off. 

They are small, epoxy covered tags that are branded on one side, and on the other they have a QR code. The QR code is programmed by you and is set up and permanently linked to that QR code. That then means that any time that code is scanned by a phone or device, it can open a webpage about your dog. Not only does this provide your dog’s information to the person that may have found them for a safe return, it also automatically sends you your dog’s exact GPS location.

Now I know what you’re thinking… What if some weirdo out somewhere scans your dog’s tag and obtains all of your personal information? There’s a feature for that. There’s a “lost mode” you can activate if your dog is wayward, and it’ll only then show your personal information.

What’s even better is that there are no subscriptions or annual fees. Once you purchase the tag, that’s it, everything else is 100% free.

Click the link below for a 15% discount on Byte tags. The code should automatically be applied, but ion case it isn’t, the code is UCLABS15.


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