Kind words from Our Happy families


Klein Family

“We got our Nellie from Trish and she has been the best dog we’ve ever had. She is the SWEETEST, smartest and most perfect dog we have ever had. She is so well behaved and again so very sweet. I would 10/10 recommend these puppies. We love our Nellie SO much!!”

Homier Family


“We got our dog, Pickle, from Trish in 2018. He was the best behaved, quietest lab puppy I’ve ever owned. He is still the best boy. Everywhere we go, people tell us he’s the most beautiful dog they’ve ever seen. They’re not wrong! Trish is wonderful, kind, and responsive. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and look forward to getting another dog from her soon.”


pence family


“We highly recommend Upper Cumberland Labradors! Trish and Cory are so passionate about breeding labs! They spend so much time with them by the time Marshall was in our arms, he was conditioned to walk on all surfaces, he was fine on the car ride back to Indiana and actually enjoys rides. He also loves his baths. 

Marshall is such a special part of our family. We love him so much and can’t

thank you enough for all that you did for us. Trish and Cory also sent Marshall home with a blanket that smelled like his mommy and he loves it to this day, a bucket of toys, training help, homemade puppy treat recipes. 

We plan to be lifetime customers for our labs. If you are looking for a special lab, look no further! They even sent us home with food. It was so nice not having to rush to the store once we arrived home. The entire buying process was smooth sailing. Have I mentioned how smart and beautiful their labs are? They are so smart.

I also wanted to add how wonderful their communication was. We talked almost daily and we were sent pictures of our baby boy. We really appreciated that. By the time we picked him up, we were already attached. Thanks again for everything!!”


Alt Family


“We received our chocolate lab puppy, Gus from Upper Cumberland Labradors. They were an absolute pleasure to work with. it is very evident that they love their dogs and care where their puppies go. We drove 5 hours to pick up our puppy because we knew he was coming from the best breeder!!! We are so in love with our boy!”


norris family


“We could not recommend Trish and Upper Cumberland Labs more! Since first connecting with Trish, she has gone above and beyond giving information about her process, providing updates, helping us with different home training tips, and more!
Loa is our first family pet and we didn’t want to get her from just anyone. Trish takes care of the mom and she breeds ethically and responsibly.
Our pup Loa has been the sweetest girl, easy to train, loves to play fetch, and so much more! Loa is now such a special part of our family and wouldn’t have been possible without connecting with Trish!”


Madison Family


“We highly recommend adopting your next baby from Upper Cumberland Labradors, you will be getting a lab who has known love since the day the came into this world. It is so clear how much passion and heart Trish has for breeding and raising these dogs! The time and effort put in to producing healthy and secure puppies is so evident in their looks and behavior. We adopted our sweet Violet, who was one of Lucy’s babies, in February of 2023. She has been the greatest little addition to our family! Besides being cute as a button, Violet is SO confident, very quick to learn and happy to please, and she is just the sweetest soul. We lost our beloved black lab, Indie, in June of 2022, so adopting another black lab was a huge moment for us. Trish was aware of this, and I will never forget the kindness she showed by attaching a custom etched keychain of Indie’s beautiful face to Violet’s collar when we picked her up. It was just so special and moved me to tears. My partner and I had never adopted from a breeder before, so finding an ethical one who not only did health testing and puppy socialization, but also one who truly cares for each puppy like family, was important to us. From day one, Trish was so helpful and communicative about the puppies. We received adorable photos and videos each week of the litter and the girl puppies we had interest in. When it came time to choose a puppy, Trish’s recommendation based on temperaments really helped us make a decision. Then during pickup, we felt that we were given so much helpful guidance and information, as well as take home goodies for help Violet’s transition. We just are so eternally grateful to Trish and so happy to have found UCL! Our little Violet is so, so special to us, we love and adore her.”


Smith family


“I got my dog Whiskey from Trisha in early 2023. Whiskey has been very good and well behaved dog and gets compliments everywhere we go. Trisha did a very good job communicating updates throughout the process. I could not recommend UC Labs enough!”


Cowden Family


“I highly recommend Upper Cumberland Labradors!! Trish and Cory are amazing people who truly love Labs, and want nothing but the best for their fur babies.

Trish was fully transparent throughout the entire process, and was always happy to answer my (many) questions! She kept us updated and sent pictures regularly which was much appreciated, and always replied quickly.

We were very excited and wanted to visit mom and the puppies prior to their 8 week pick-up, and we were more than welcome! We visited around 6 weeks and it was so much fun. That was when we fell in love with our boy, Huckleberry😊 He’s from Gracie’s May 2022 litter.

They did personality testing on the puppies to ensure an ideal match, and it was spot on! Huck has the exact personality we were hoping for – he loves to run but also loves to lounge and cuddle; he’s a total goofball and SO smart! He is absolutely perfect for us!

By the time we picked him up at 8 weeks old, he was fully crate trained, started on potty training, and desensitized to all kinds of sights and sounds. This allowed him to adjust rapidly to his new home, and set him up for success in his future training.

They even provided a snuggle puppy and a blanket with mom’s scent all over them, plus a basket of toys, treats, supplies (cleaning wipes, portable water bowl, poop bags, etc), and a booklet of information about the breed and caring for a puppy.

They are the most caring and thoughtful breeders you could ever ask for!”


Sedey family


We adopted our Labrador, Bosko, from UC Labradors in February 2023. It was our first time working with a breeder, and right from the start, Trisha put us at ease with her warm and caring approach. She kept us updated at every step of the adoption process, providing regular communication, and sending us adorable photos of Bosko. Her dedication and attentiveness made us feel confident and reassured throughout the journey.

Trisha went above and beyond in preparing Bosko to come home with us. She took care of every detail, ensuring that Bosko had everything he needed for a smooth transition. It was evident that she and her family genuinely loves the puppies as if they are their own, and that level of care and commitment was truly heartwarming.

Since bringing Bosko home, we have been amazed by his incredible temperament. He is friendly, well-behaved, laid-back, and has adjusted seamlessly to our family. Bosko even mastered potty training remarkably quickly, which is a testament to the care and early training he received from UC Labradors.

We cannot express enough gratitude to Trisha and UC Labradors for bringing sweet Bosko into our lives. He has made an extraordinary addition to our home, bringing joy and happiness to our entire family. We highly recommend UC Labradors to anyone seeking a loving and reputable breeder who genuinely cares for their puppies’ well-being.

Thank you, UC Labradors, for helping us find our beloved Bosko.”

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